Lost intent

Stockinvest scheme in chaos... read more

Heir raising

Indian firms move towards professionalism, managers give thought to succession planning... read more

Carving up the capital

Committee to divide Delhi into nine districts... read more

Systems failure

India is the best choice for both on-site and off-shore software development, reveals survey... read more

'You'll have to go green'

You can expect more envionment-friendly conditions from Germany: Dietrich Kebschull... read more

'We wish we had grown faster in the first ten years'

I won't join politics as I would be a significant failure: Narayana Murthy... read more

'Everyone welcomed the budget'

At present, RBI and SEBI are under probe: Yashwant Sinha... read more

Chasing a chimera

Exports: Ambitious growth targets seem tough as key sectors face slew of problems... read more

Clean profits

Pollution-control industry: Business of protecting environment is booms... read more

'Improve supply chain'

'Indian companies have to change the way they do business'... read more

Improving interaction

Virtual Reality technology changes real worlds of growing bunch of entrepreneurs... read more

Coke-Parle dispute

Coca-Cola, Parle Exports alliance on verge of collapse as Coke annuls part of agreement... read more

Together they grow

Computer firms offer single-window solutions to computerisation... read more

Future metros

A look at how four cities promise to lead India's business in the next decade... read more

Too many bids too many bids spoil the broth

HFCL's over-confidence queers pitch for other private operators, puts telecom Ministry in spot... read more

Norwegian Namboodiri

Hans Christian Ostro: A Kathakali student who had been fondly adopted by a Kerala village... read more

Taking barriers in stride

West tightens entry conditions regulating import of Indian products, exporters take measures... read more

Divided in spirit

Despite threats from foreign brands and prohibition, Indian firms still lack clear strategy... read more

Wonder labels

Indian firms wake up to benefits of encoding product details... read more

Resilient growth

Export sector shows impressive growth despite plague scare... read more

Scotch on the rocks

With Scotch sales low, foreign firms go for low end products... read more

Bruised not battered

Indian trade may recover, but plague panic sullies India's business image... read more

Commercial changes

Electronic medium eats into advertisement pie, print chalks out plans to maintain its share... read more

To test is best

Madan Lal Khurana saves his govt from a major scandal of granting favours... read more

Bogus logos

Multinationals take Indian imitators to court even as govt gets around to tightening laws... read more

Number of problems

New telecom policy remains hesitant about allowing open competition in the sector... read more

Chips of success

High value addition, improved facilities fuel explosive growth of software industry... read more

On a firm foundation

Indo-Israel bilateral trade set to double, agri-tech and electronics to form a major chunk... read more

Muddying the waters

Sardar Sarovar Project authorities incur environment ministry's wrath for not meeting norms... read more

Sailing new seas

Indian firms look beyond industrialised West to target emerging markets of the Third World... read more

The music tasters

Artiste and Repertoire plays a crucial role in music industry in selecting right music... read more

Reaching a new high

To drive home the advantage, cigarette industry wants domestic taxes to be lowered... read more

Trash course

Government new idea of environment audit self-defeating... read more

Picking up momentum

Bilateral trade: India, China take 15 yrs to set up first joint venture since trade resumed... read more

Dragon vs the Elephant

ndia-China business war hots up, Beijing ahead in investment sweepstakes... read more

Looking for a break

Real estate business: Booming but bound business looks for ways to sort itself out... read more

Rebirth of the salesman

Direct marketing gets a facelift, sales people offer complete need-based solutions... read more

Turning a new leaf

Under pressure from environment groups, Indian firms try to go the environment-friendly way... read more

Selling for survival

With grants on decline, government-funded think-tanks go commercial... read more

'Kickstart the industry'

Information technology industry is a core industry, says Bikram Dasgupta... read more

Up the creek

Narmada project's financial viability questioned... read more

Divide to fool

New pension scheme rattles workers, forces trade unions to protest... read more

Whiz kids on the move

Business no longer preserve of big firms, young players carve out a niche... read more

Titans in town

1993 promises to be eventful as global computer giants chalk out market strategies... read more